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High-Tech Industries

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Processes & Skills : Quality System

Our quality system certification is based on ISO 9001 : 2008 standards. Two essential values of the ISO standards guide us in our quality policy.

Our customer is our major concern…

Our main objective is to provide our customers with total trust and satisfaction :

  • in choosing the appropriate material from the early design stage
  • in selecting the most cost-effective manufacturing route
  • in providing high quality standards for our customer service and products
  • in guaranteeing full traceability of our processes

... and continuously driving our quality system to higher efficiency is a rule

Our commitment to continuous improvement relies on our employees involvement and skills, on providing them with suitable inspection equipment as well as doing a regular follow-up of our procedures, non-conformities, corrective actions and performances.

Anxious to preserve the environment, we have drawn up an environmental auditing that has confirmed that our manufacturing processes are not hazardous for the environment and for the human beings. Each time that a new manufacturing process is implemented we do it with this concern in mind.