Advanced Ceramics for
High-Tech Industries

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Application markets

Microcertec offers products for a wide range of markets. However our company aims at providing real expertise to specialized market segments in the high-tech industries worldwide.

Industries that we serve :

  • photonics
  • scientific instrumentation
  • medical instrumentation
  • semi-conductor processing
  • aircraft & avionics
  • aerospace
  • power electronics
  • microelectronics
  • measurement & control
  • mechanical engineering
  • nuclear

as well as research laboratories.

Our products comply with the exacting requirements of such following environment as :

  • high and ultra-high vacuum
  • corrosive gases and/or liquids
  • high electric currents and/or voltages
  • extreme temperatures
  • high mechanical loads and/or wear
  • nuclear radiation
  • bio-compatibility