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Products : Quartz components

Quartz, or fused silica, can be machined like any other ceramic material thanks to diamond tools. Thus Microcertec can realize customized parts made of quartz with various sizes and shapes, high level of precision but without any optical required performances or surface finish. The most important properties of the quartz is its low coefficient of thermal expansion. From an optical point of view, the quartz is generally transparent to the infra-red wavelenghts.


Quartz is mainly used for :

  • electrical insulators
  • thermal insulators
  • structural parts


From a general point of view, quartz shows :

  • good electrical insulation
  • very small coefficient of thermal expansion
  • good thermal insulation
  • good thermal resistance
  • transparence to the infra-reds
  • vaccum resistance


Precision machining of quartzPrecision machining of quartz (374.69 Ko)

  • Precision parts made of quartz
  • Detail of a probe holder made of quartz for the aerospace
  • Detail of a quartz part machined by ultrasonic and then metallized