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Products : Macor® components

Macor® is mainly used for its machinable properties. Because it is softer than advanced ceramics, Macor® permits to achieve complex geometries more rapidly with the same level of accuracy. In addition to be able to be ground like other ceramics, Macor® can be machined with carbide tools which make drilling and milling easier.


Macor® is mainly used to manufacture the following products :

  • tooling parts for production machinery
  • insulators
  • electrode carriers
  • lens holders
  • sensor carriers


Microcertec utilizes Macor® made by Corning. Macor® is a glass ceramic the chemical composition of which is mainly borosilicate to about 75 %, alumina and magnesia.

Macor® has the following properties :

  • machinable
  • good electrical insulation
  • good thermal insulation
  • dimension stability to about 800°c
  • vacuum compatible


Precision machining of MacorPrecision machining of Macor (374.69 Ko)

  • Macor® insulators
  • Macor® insulators
  • Macor® insulators