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Products : Chucks and wafer end-effectors

Chucks and end-effectors are used to manipulate and carry silicon wafers through the whole production process. The chemical inertness of ceramics allows those components to be contamination-free for the wafer in particular in chemical wet etching baths. 
These items enable the handling of large-size wafers and can be designed with vacuum channels in order to hold the part.


Ceramic components can be used in the following semiconductor process equipment :

  • Deposition and ion implant machines
  • Chemical wet etching equipment
  • Failure-analysis machines
  • Electrostatic chucks


Microcertec can offer the following products :

  • Insulator plates for electrostatic chucks (E-chucks)
  • Base plates for thermo chucks
  • End-effectors


The most commonly used ceramic materials are :

  • Alumina – or aluminium oxide – 99,6 % minimum
  • Sintered and CVC silicon carbide.


Ceramic components for the SemiconCeramic components for the Semicon (87.61 Ko)

  • Ceramic end-effectors
  • Ceramic end-effectors
  • Wafer chuck made of ceramics
  • Features on Thermochuck or E-chuck