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Products : Substrates for microelectronics circuits

Most applications for microelectronics circuits having to face high temperatures, retain dimension stability, or guarantee high electrical insulation, call for the use of alumina substrates in view of their interesting quality-cost-performance ratio. But aluminium nitride or sapphire substrates will be chosen when high thermal conductivity or when specific dielectric properties are required. 


The main application for these substrates is the manufacturing of electrical circuits on one or two faces for such various fields as :

  • the automotive and consumable goods
  • industrial sensors
  • medical equipment
  • airborne microelectronics devices for the aerospace and defense.


Microcertec offers customized substrates in terms of thickness, flatness and roughness. Depending on customers' application we can offer :

  • lapped substrates in 96 % alumina for thick-film metallized circuits
  • polished substrates in fine-grain 99,6 % alumina for thin-film metalized circuits to be used in low to medium power RF and microwave devices
  • aluminium nitride substrates that can be lapped or polished depending upon the metallization process for use in high-power RF and microwave devices
  • fused silica substrates for high-frequency thin-film metallized circuits requiring low loss performance
  • sapphire substrates that require optimum thermal dissipation.


The following materials can be processed :

  • alumina 96 % (Al2O3)
  • fine-grain alumina 99,6 % (Al2O3)
  • aluminium nitride (AlN)
  • fused silica
  • sapphire


(253.76 Ko)

  • polished substrate with fine roughness and flatness
  • polished substrate with fine roughness and flatness