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Products : Heat sinks for laser systems

Ceramic components used in laser systems offer significant advantages over metal and polymeric parts in laser systems. 
When adequately designed and machined they perform as excellent long-life and reliable heat sinks.


Ceramic heat sinks are ideal to act as electrical insulators and dissipate heat generated by components in the following applications :

  • passively cooled high-power laser diodes stacks
  • high-power laser diodes
  • diode lasers
  • semiconductor lasers
  • fibre lasers


Microcertec offer the following custom-made components :

- plane heatsinks :

  • very thin substrates : 100 µm to 200 µm with 5 to 10 µm tolerance on thickness and flatness
  • substrates in standard thicknesses : 300 to 500 µm with 5 µm or better tolerance on thickness and flatness
  • grooved substrates : 150 µm-grooves with pitch tolerance of 5 µm 
  • substrates with holes : wall thickness of 200 µm hole to edge, and 500 µm hole to hole

- specific heatsinks :

  • precision-ground customized features, plane or three-dimensional


We primarily use the following materials for manufacturing these heat sinks :

  • aluminium nitride - AlN - for its superior ability to dissipate heat with perfect electrical insulation
  • alumina - aluminium oxide - when solely electrical insulation is required
  • berylllium oxide

Thin-film metallising

In addition to be precision ground those ceramics can be metallized with vacuum thin-film sputtering.

For bonding or brazing your components, Microcertec can offer you the following thin-film metallizing :

  • titanium - platinum - gold
  • chromium - nickel - gold, NiCr-gold
  • copper, aluminium, silver, indium, gold-tin

These coatings have the distinction to be applied on three-dimensional parts and be subsequently etched by laser micro-machining in order to create electrical patterns or electrical insulation pads.


Ceramic heat sinks for laser systemsCeramic heat sinks for laser systems (346.85 Ko)

  • Heatsinks made of AlN metallized or not for the diode and fiber lasers
  • Heatsinks made of AlN metallized or not for the diode and fiber lasers
  • Heatsinks made of AlN metallized or not for the diode and fiber lasers