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Products : Ceramic reflectors for lasers and IPL

Microcertec manufacture ceramic reflectors for lasers and IPL systems. We offer customized reflectors that are primarily manufactured from high-reflectivity alumina and subsequently glazed over in order to guarantee leak-tightness and protection. The base material - reflective alumina - was developed specificaly for this application. It offers a high reflectivity from visible to near infra-red. Reflectors are machined / ground against customer's drawing. Quantities range from prototype to production quantities. Glazing protects the surface in preventing adhesion of impurities and primarily ensures leak tightness of the reflectors. Compared to metal reflectors, ceramic units offer higher reflectivity and therefore enhanced laser power. They also have the advantage of being more resistant to temperature variations and erosion from cooling fluids, hence leading to extended operating life.


The following applications require ceramic reflectors in order to ensure a high level of light intensity :

  • solid-state lasers - Nd/Yag.. - flash-lamp or diode pumped
  • intense pulsed light systems - IPL - for the dermatology


From prototype to production quantities, always custom-made, typical products are :

  • laser reflectors
  • IPL reflectors
  • reflecting / diffusing cavities


Ceramic reflectors are made with high-reflectivity alumina - or aluminium oxide - purposely developed for this application. This high-purity alumina 99.7 % gives a high yield of emitted / received light :

  • 96 % @ 500 nm
  • 98 % @ 1000 nm

The glaze that is applied at the final stage of manufacturing protects the surface from contamination, ensures leak tightness but does not affect whatsoever the reflectivity performances.

Glass-ceramic Macor ® can also be used in some IPL applications for lower cost but with a lower level of reflectivity.


Ceramic components for the lasers and optoelectronicsCeramic components for the lasers and optoelectronics (346.85 Ko)

  • Ceramic reflectors for lasers en IPL