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Products : Components for lasers and optoelectronic devices

Ceramic components offer significant advantages over metal and plastic parts. They retain their full dimensional stability at high temperatures – well above 1000°C. They show a high-wear resistance. They are extremely good electrical insulators. They do not outgas in vacuum environment. Ceramics are inert materials and are resistant to many gases and chemicals. The majority of ceramics show high thermal insulating properties but conversly a few of them offer high thermal dissipation.


The field of lasers and optical systems account for a wide range of very diverse applications. Technical ceramic components are already used in most laser systems :

  • solid-state lasers (Nd-Yag..)
  • gas lasers (excimer lasers, CO2 lasers….)
  • fibre lasers
  • diode lasers
  • semiconductor lasers
  • high-power laser diodes
  • phototherapy equipment - IPL

as well as in optoelectronic devices :

  • optical systems
  • optical sensors / imaging
  • infra-red detectors


In view of their properties ceramics are used to manufacture insulators and mechanical parts of various dimensions and geometries :

  • electrical insulators
  • insulators resistant to corrosion and gases
  • insulators resistant to plasma discharges
  • structural parts
  • lens holders
  • substrates

also, more specific products - see dedicated data sheets :

  • thermal dissipators - flat, cylindrical...
  • reflectors / reflective pumping cavities

as well as thin-film metallized parts that offer electrical functions, brazing and bonding ability in optoelectronic systems :

  • structural parts than can be brazed
  • sensor holders
  • 3D interconnect devices


The most interesting advanced ceramics for use in the fields of lasers and optoelectronic devices are :

  • high-purity alumina - aluminium oxide - 96 to 99,8 %
  • high-reflectivity alumina
  • aluminium nitride - AlN
  • berrylium oxide - BeO
  • Macor ®

Thin-film metallising

In addition to be precision ground those ceramics can be metallized with vacuum thin-film sputtering.

For bonding or brazing your components, Microcertec can offer you the following thin-film metallizing :

  • titanium - platinum - gold
  • chromium - nickel - gold, NiCr-gold
  • copper, aluminium, silver, indium, gold-tin

These coatings have the distinction to be applied on three-dimensional parts and be subsequently etched by laser micro-machining in order to create electrical patterns or electrical insulation pads.


Ceramic components for the lasers and optoelectronicsCeramic components for the lasers and optoelectronics (346.85 Ko)

  • Insulators for gas lasers
  • Aluminium nitride (AlN) Heatsinks
  • Metallized ceramics for soldering and brazing or 3D Interconnect Devices