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Advanced ceramics are widely used in laser systems due to their combined properties of very good electrical insulation - high voltage and high current - and resistance to gas and plasma corrosion. Their resistance to temperature variations, to high temperatures, as well as their very low thermal expansion make them reliable materials to manufacture precision components.


Most of laser systems integrate insulators made of advanced ceramics :

  • solid-state lasers (Nd-Yag..)
  • gas lasers (excimer lasers, CO2 lasers….)
  • fibre lasers
  • semiconductor lasers
  • diode lasers
  • high-power laser diodes


In view of their properties ceramics are used to manufacture insulators of various dimensions and geometries, resistant to gas corrosion and plasma discharge :

  • high-voltage insulators
  • ionisation electrode plates
  • insulators for electrical feedthroughs
  • corona insulators
  • discharge tubes


Advanced ceramics are widely used in laser systems due to their excellent electrical insulation, resistance to gas corrosion and their low thermal expansion. The most interesting ceramics are :

  • high-purity alumina - aluminium oxide - 96 to 99,8 %
  • MgO and Y-TZP zirconia -  zirconium oxide 
  • Macor ®


Ceramic components for the lasers and optoelectronicsCeramic components for the lasers and optoelectronics (346.85 Ko)

  • Alumina insulators for gas lasers