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Products : Components for analytical scientific & medical equipment

There are numerous benefits to use ceramics in the field of scientific and medical instrumentation. Ceramics resist to severe environments, and demonstrate excellent properties of electrical insulation, low thermal expansion and high corrosion resistance. Also, they are clean materials in view of their high purity levels, no open porosities and biomedical inertness. In addition to single ceramic products, Microcertec can also offer ceramic to metal brazed assemblies that are hermetic in vacuum and ultra-high vacuum - UHV.


In the analytical scentific and medical equipment industry, ceramic components are primarily used in analyzing, diagnosis, vision and therapy systems :

  • mass spectrometers
  • MNR spectrometers
  • gas analyzers
  • particle accelerators
  • electronic microscopes
  • imaging equipment
  • blood analyzers
  • neurosurgery instruments
  • endoscopes


Precision grinding allows to achieve extremely tight dimensional tolerances and very diverse geometries. It is also possible to achieve fine surface finishes and clean the parts at high temperature in order to burn out organic residuals at final step of manufacturing. As a result, Microcertec offer the following ceramics products : 

  • high-voltage insulators
  • support rings for quadropoles, hexapoles
  • heat sinks
  • heat insulators
  • electrode carriers
  • shear valves
  • pistons
  • 3D interconnect devices - CI3D
  • high-voltage hermetic ceramic to metal feedthroughs
  • brazed ceramic filament supports
  • hermetic ceramic to metal assemblies


We primarily use the following materials to manufacture the here above products :

  • high-purity alumina - 94 to 99.8 % (aluminium oxide)
  • aluminium nitride (AlN)
  • Macor®
  • silica, quartz
  • MgO & Y-TZP zirconia (zirconium oxide)


Ceramic components for analytical equipmentCeramic components for analytical equipment (354.36 Ko)

  • Insulators made of alumina, quartz or Macor® for the scientific instrumentation
  • ceramic ventile
  • Plunger made of zirconia Y-TZP or MgO