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Ceramic components offer significant advantages over metal and plastic parts. They retain their full dimensional stability at high temperatures – well above 1000°c. They show a high-wear resistance. They are extremely good electrical insulators. They do not outgas in vacuum environment. Ceramics are inert materials and are resistant to many gases and chemicals. In addition to single ceramic products, Microcertec can also offer hermetic brazed assemblies - glass to metal and ceramic to metal.


Applications for components made in technical ceramics in the field of aerospace are very diverse :

  • accelerometers
  • gyroscopes
  • vision devices
  • antennas
  • ignition devices
  • pressure sensors
  • spark plugs
  • magnetic traps


Ceramic products are also very diverse :

  • 3D interconnection devices
  • vibrating components
  • coil formers
  • insulators
  • membranes
  • magnets


Every kind of technical ceramics will demonstrate a benefit for use in aerospace applications :

  • aluminium oxide (alumina)
  • aluminium nitride (AlN)
  • silicon carbide (SiC)
  • silicon nitride (Si3N4)
  • MgO and Y-TZP zirconium oxide (zirconia)
  • quartz, glass, Macor ®
  • ferrites, magnets alnico and rare earth

Thin-film metallising

In addition to be precision ground those ceramics can be metallized with vacuum thin-film sputtering.

For bonding or brazing your components, Microcertec can offer you the following thin-film metallizing :

  • titanium - platinum - gold
  • chromium - nickel - gold, NiCr-gold
  • copper, aluminium, silver, indium, gold-tin

These coatings have the distinction to be applied on three-dimensional parts and be subsequently etched by laser micro-machining in order to create electrical patterns or electrical insulation pads.


Ceramic components for the AerospaceCeramic components for the Aerospace (654.8 Ko)

  • Insulators for aeronautics
  • Electrode submount made of quartz for the aerospace