Advanced Ceramics for
High-Tech Industries

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Products : Mechanical components for pumps & valves

Advanced ceramics offer significant advantages over metals and plastics. They have in general good mechanical properties and are particularly resistant to compression. Some ceramics are very resistant to wear and friction. They also show relatively low friction coefficient and good toughness. It is also possible to achieve very good surface finishes that ensure leak tightness. Ceramics are all the more relevant when the application is associated with thermal stresses, abrasive particles or food compatibility. And ceramics are inert mateials that are resistant to many gases and acids. 


In view of their mechanical properties and resistance to wear ceramics are found in the following mechanical industries : 

  • pumps
  • valves
  • dispensing units
  • mechanical seals
  • analyzing equipment


Microcertec offer the following ceramic components :

  • valve components
  • pistons
  • seal rings 
  • shear discs


There are many different types of ceramics that can meet the requirement for wear and friction resistance. Those ceramics are different depending upon the environment of use, precisely, temperature, abrasion, vacuum or corrosion :

  • alumina 94 % to 99.8 % (aluminium oxide)
  • zirconia (MgO & Y-TZP)
  • silicon carbide
  • silicon nitride
  • sapphire


Precision grinding of ceramic partsPrecision grinding of ceramic parts (374.69 Ko)

  • Wear parts made of silicon carbid (SiC) for the pumps
  • Plunger made of zirconia Y-TZP or MgO
  • Wear parts made of Boron carbid (B4C)