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Materials : Aluminium nitride (AlN)

Aluminium nitride is mostly used for its outstanding ability to dissipate heat, and together with its excellent electrical and mechanical properties, it is an advanced ceramic of choice for power electronics and microelectronics applications where heat must be dissipated.

Selection of materials

Microcertec offers two types of sintered alumininium nitride with a thermal conductivity of 180 W/m.K minimum :

  • tape cast AlN (substrate),
  • pressed AlN.

A machinable aluminium nitride offering a thermal conductivity of 90 W/m.K is also available :

  • ALN Shapal M –Soft™


The main features of sintered aluminium nitride (AlN) are :

  • excellent thermal conductivity
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • good electrical insulation and resistivity
  • low dielectric constant
  • mechanical strength under compression load
  • corrosion resistance (gas)

Our typical applications

Aluminium nitride is a ceramic material widely used in the following applications :

  • heat sinks for uncooled high-power laser diodes
  • electrical insulators for lasers
  • chucks, clamp rings for semicon processing equipment
  • electrical insulators for electron tubes
  • substrates & insulators for microelectronic devices & opto electronic devices
  • chip carriers for sensors and detectors


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