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Materials : Alumina (Al2O3)

A wide variety of purity grades of alumina (or aluminium oxyde) are available on the market. Typical grades that are used for modern industrial applications are of high purity (> 95%). Amongst the various advanced ceramics that exist today, alumina is the most commonly used ceramic that has a wide range of properties and a good cost-to-performance ratio.

Selection of materials

Microcertec offers a wide range of aluminium oxydes :

  • pressed 94 % alumina (AL 500 - Wesgo)
  • pressed & extruded 95 % alumina
  • tape cast 96 % alumina (substrates)
  • pressed 97,6 % alumina (AL 300 - Wesgo)
  • pressed 99,5 % (AL 995 - Wesgo)  - 99,8 % alumina 
  • extruded 99.5 % - 99,8 % alumina
  • pressed 99.5 % porosity-controlled alumina (Sintox AL - Morgan) for reflector applications 
  • pressed 99.9 % alumina

in order to meet precisely the various requirements of our customers' applications and to optimise the manufacturing process.


Alumina is unique in having properties that offer a good mechanical-thermal-electrical insulation compromise :

  • good mechanical strength under compression load
  • good hardness and wear resistance
  • good corrosion resistance (liquids and gas)
  • good thermal stability
  • excellent dielectric properties (in the range from direct currents to microwaves)
  • low dielectric constant and loss tangent
  • excellent bio-compatibility

Our typical applications

Alumina is a ceramic material widely used in the following applications :

  • electrical insulators and/or corrosion-resistance components for gas lasers, for semicon processing equipment (chuck, end effector, seal ring)
  • reflectors / diffusing cavities for solid-state lasers (YAG) and phototherapy equipment.
  • electrical insulators for electron tubes, mass spectrometers, ion detectors, laser diodes.
  • structural parts for high-vacuum and/or cryogenic equipment, nuclear radiation devices, equipment used at high-temperature.
  • wear and/or corrosion-resistance components, piston for pumps, valves and dosing systems, sampling blood valves.


Material properties datasheet : ceramics and quartzMaterial properties datasheet : ceramics and quartz (1472 Ko)