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Materials : Macor®

Macor® is most used for its machinability. Softer as the other ceramic materials, Macor® allows fast turnaround to obtain complex structures with tight tolerances. Macor® can be grinded and facilitate the drilling and milling operations.

Selection of materials

Microcertec uses Macor® from the comapny Corning. Macor® is a glass ceramic from Silica (50%) and also with Magnesium und Aluminium.


Macor® have the following features :

  • machinability
  • good electrical insulation
  • good thermal insulation
  • dimensional stability
  • vacuum resistant

Our typical applications

Macor® is widely used in the following applications :

  • tools for the machine in production
  • insulator
  • electrode holders
  • sensor holders
  • lense holders
  • mulberry outlet


Material properties datasheet : ceramics and quartzMaterial properties datasheet : ceramics and quartz (1472 Ko)