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Buyout of Cerafast

02 January 2018

Buyout of Cerafast

Microcertec parent company - namely Microcertec Holding - has recently acquired Cerafast a company based in Bazet nearby the French Pyrenées and specialized in the manufacturing of custom-made high-purity alumina and yttria-zirconia components. Cerafast is bringing in two specific expertise in the world of advanced ceramics that are precision isostatic pressing of small to medium size tubes and rods as well as precision multi-axis green-machining of ceramics. Those expertise are added to Microcertec’s and will allow the company to have a particular position on the market for advanced ceramics components for high-tech applications. A plan for investment and improvement of the facilities is scheduled over the next few months, as well as sharing Microcertec commercial and administration resources. Cerafast will also benefit from Microcertec comprehensive precision grinding capabilities and opening up to new markets, abroad in particular. The synergy resulting from sharing our human and equipment resources will allow both our companies to widen the overall offer of technologies and products, ranging from pressing, green machining, sintering,precision grinding, laser micro-machining, 3D-metallized ceramics and ceramic-to-metal assembly. For further information about Cerafast :