Advanced Ceramics for
High-Tech Industries

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Microcertec S.A.S is specialized in the development and manufacturing of precision ceramic components using the technologies of high-precision machining in the sintered ceramic, and also offer 3D thin-film metallized circuits and hermetic ceramic-to-metal brazed assemblies. Today, MICROCERTEC has an extended offer of products with two other companies integrated in the parent-holding company under the same management : CERAFAST ( a specialist company in precison iso-pressing and multiaxis green-machining of aluminas and zirconias, and CTVM specialized in technical glass blowing, glass-to-metal sealing, filaments and Bayard Alpert gauges. As human-size companies, independant and fast-responding, Microcertec, Cerafast and Ctvm are committed to be genuine technical partners capable of meeting your requirements with speed, flexibility and quality.



Experts in technical glass and filament assemblies

CTVM (Composants Techniques Verre Métal) is specialised in technical glass blowing, glass-to-metal seals, special filaments and filament assemblies. It is affiliated to Microcertec since 1st August 2012.